Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You work hard during the holidays...

photo credit: Thanksgiving via photopin (license)
photo credit: Thanksgiving via photopin (license)
If you're like me, this is an insanely busy season. Those hams and turkeys don't baste themselves. The gifts don't magically wrap each other, and it is a sad truth that the Decorator Elves exist only in fairy tales.

You do all that. You work hard during the holidays, making November and December a magical, romantic, fun, and warm family time.

But who makes the holidays magical for you?

We'd like to help. Starting the end of November, a dozen authors are banding together to give away 60 ebooks. Then from December 1-12 we're hosting a bash with 12 Days of 99c Ebooks--with a grand prize $50 Amazon/BN egift cerificate! Treat yourself right this holidays.

Making the holidays romantic and sexy are New York Times bestselling author Jayne Rylon, New York Times bestselling author Izzy Szyn, bestselling author Jodi Redford, and the awesome Roxy Mews.

Making the holidays heartwarming are USA Today bestselling author Edie Ramer, USA Today bestselling author Dale Mayer, and Amazon bestselling author Leigh Morgan.

Making the holidays magical are international bestselling author Michelle Diener, and the wonderful Elle J Rossi and S.C. Mitchell.

Making the holidays fun are bestselling author Zoe Dawson, me, and the always-hilarious SL Carpenter.

Hope you'll join us for your gift of a little extra warmth and sparkle this holiday!

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