Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crush--Guest Barb Meyers!

Here's the smokin' excerpt Barb sent along for your reading pleasure!

From Barb Meyers's The First Time Again
There’s no defense when love blindsides your heart. 
The Braddock Brotherhood, Book 3 

There was enough light from the half-open door to see what he was doing. His hands shook. He stared at them for a second in amazement. He got the condom on in record time anyway and got back to business.

He ran the flat of his hand down her tummy from beneath her breasts to her pubic hair. He kissed her above the navel.

“You’re hot,” he whispered. Her skin felt like a fire burned beneath the surface.

“I want you.”

Trey froze, his hand stilled where it was, splayed against her. He could see the depths of her amber eyes. She’d said the words clearly, directly.

That was new too. Blatant honesty turned out to be another turn-on for him.

He kissed her again. Slow and hot. It was a wonder the bed didn’t burst into flames, he thought wildly. He pressed as much of her as he could as close to him as it could get until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

“You’ll have to get on top, darlin’.”


“Come here.”

He rolled to his back, taking her with him. It took her a second before she acted on his direction.

He watched, fascinated, as she braced herself above him and ever so slowly sank down against him, taking him inside her bit by agonizing bit. He didn’t realize he was holding his breath until he let it out when he was completely, deeply inside her. She’d sunk her top teeth into her bottom lip while she’d lowered herself onto him. But once it was done, he could feel her relax a bit, although she was sheathed around him so tightly he wondered how long he could last.

She gave him the most beatific smile he’d ever seen, like she’d accomplished something magnificent and she was immensely proud of herself.

“Wow.” Whatever was happening, he got the idea it was more about her. What she needed. Or, as she’d said a minute ago, what she wanted.

“What do you want, darlin’?” he asked, his gaze never leaving hers. He stroked her thighs, her tummy, her breasts.

“You. I just want you.”

“You’ve got me, babe. Now what are you going to do with me?”

That brought a choking giggle out of her. “To tell you the truth, I have absolutely no idea.”
He grinned at her. “I’ve got a couple. Want to hear them?”

The First Time Again now available at Amazon, BN, Samhain

The First Time Again
There’s no defense when love blindsides your heart. 
The Braddock Brotherhood, Book 3 

Once Trey Christopher was the small-town golden boy. Now he’s just another burned-out, washed-up ex-quarterback with a bum knee, a tarnished reputation, and a simple wish. To be the kind of man he can face in the mirror.

Moving back home is a start, as is hiring a down-on-her-luck local woman to help him out around his grandparents’ old homestead.

The last thing Baylee Westring wants is to clean house for a high school crush who barely remembers her name, but Trey’s money will finally top off her get-out-of-Henderson-forever escape fund.

Before she hits the road, though, Baylee’s got something for the man she still finds wildly attractive: the virginity he almost—but not quite—took during a drunken teenage party.

Neither is prepared for the emotional impact of that encounter. But just when Baylee dares to believe in happy ever after, an old enemy turns up to even the score. And Trey finds his heart left in the red zone, with his last chance for love ticking down to zero.

Warning: Contains an overeducated housekeeper who’s open to receiving a pass or two, and an ex-football player who can’t seem to stop himself from showing her all his moves.

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